4 Instances in Which You Should Seek the Help of a Dermatologist

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4 Instances in Which You Should Seek the Help of a Dermatologist

8 March 2022
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You have probably played dermatologist and tried to resolve several skin issues yourself. Generally, minor problems such as small pimples eventually go away on their own with minimal effort. This means that there are situations where giving the skin issue time works in your favor. However, some skin problems don't go away naturally and need an expert's intervention before the problem escalates. This piece will examine four instances in which you should make that appointment with a dermatologist.

1. Your Hair Is Falling Out Too Much

It is normal for hair to fall out, but how much is too much? You will notice things are getting out of hand when your comb starts to pick out more hair strands than usual. You could begin to develop bald spots around your head. Abnormal hair loss or balding indicates that you need professional intervention.

The main causes of severe hair loss include medication, genetics, cancer treatment, and harsh hair treatments. Seeing a dermatologist can help repair damaged follicles and restore normal hair growth and volume. You could get a hair transplant or benefit from hair loss medication.

2. It Is Time for Your Routine Skin Check

Just like you keep up with full-body checks, dental visits, and gynecology appointments, you might need to include skincare checkups. Dermatologists recommend routine checkups and regular skin cancer screening. Early diagnosis aids in timely treatment, which is less expensive and easier to treat.

During your visits, you can learn more about your skin type and how to take care of it. The specialist might also recommend suitable skincare routines and products to ensure you have healthy skin.

3. You Have Stubborn Dandruff 

Dandruff is common and is a product of dead skin on your scalp. Dermatologists encourage regular scalp and hair washes to control dandruff. However, some patients complain of too much build-up even with routine cleaning.

Other signs of abnormal dandruff conditions include thicker patches and itchy scalps that sometimes leave sores. Specialists have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose your condition and prescribe effective medication. They also recommend specialized shampoos and conditioners to help control the dandruff menace.

4. You Are Aging Prematurely

While aging is normal, some people experience premature aging that can affect their self-esteem. Factors like skin damage, sun damage, lifestyle habits, and poor skincare routines contribute immensely to premature aging. Before spending too much on regimens and products that may not be effective, consult with the experts first.

Have you experienced any of these skin problems? You are an ideal candidate for regular dermatology sessions. Make an appointment with a reputable skin doctor and enjoy enhanced confidence and healthier skin.