Reduce Scarring: What You Can Do

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Reduce Scarring: What You Can Do

30 September 2021
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Nobody wants scars, so if you have a sore or a wound, you need to take action now to prevent it from scarring your body. Scars can last a long time, but they will eventually fade with time depending on how deep the scar was. To help prevent scarring and reduce the appearance of scars, there are things you can do on your own. Read on for some helpful information to achieve this and reduce unsightly scars.

Avoid Reopening The Wound

The last thing you want to do is to pick at a wound and opening it up over and over again. You want it to heal on its own, and it cannot heal if you continue to open up the wound. Try your best to avoid picking at your scabs and keep them from opening up on their own. Scabs mean your skin is trying to heal, so don't pick it at all.

Keep It Covered And Allow Time To Breathe

You need to keep a wound covered when it's healing, but you also need to give it time to breathe. Covering a wound for too long may cause it to hold in moisture and may hinder your wound's healing. You may have a wound for much longer than normal if you continue to cover it. Cover it while out in public, but allow it to breathe when you're at home to ensure bacteria and germs don't get into the wound.

Use An Antibacterial Ointment

Apply an anti-bacterial ointment on your wound to prevent infections in the wound. Skin infection in your wound not only hinders healing, it can also lead to a larger wound and the chance for more scarring. Using an antibacterial ointment such as Neosporin can help prevent an infection and also help heal your wound faster with less scarring.

Apply Lotion

As your wound heals, you should apply lotion to your skin to prevent drying out and to promote skin cell growth, which can help to prevent scars. Using a scar prevention moisturizer can also help prevent scarring. Don't use lotion on an open wound, but you can begin applying it after it has a scab on it.

If you have a wound, you want it to heal without leaving a scar. This may be unavoidable, but you may be able to reduce scarring by following the tips above. If you have a scar, contact someone like Hamzavi Dermatology to meet with a dermatologist in your area.