3 Things Fillers Can Be Used For

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3 Things Fillers Can Be Used For

14 July 2020
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When you aren't satisfied with your skin, it can make your self-esteem suffer. With things like noninvasive dermal fillers, your plastic surgeon can help you get that perfect complexion that you have always wanted. But what exactly can fillers be used for? 

Enhance Your Cheekbones

One trend in makeup that has really taken over the industry is contouring. Contouring is the processing which you help to accentuate certain parts of the face like the cheekbones to add more definition to them. Although this makeup trend can be fun to try, it washes off as soon as you wash your face. What if you could enhance your cheekbones without all of the makeup? With injectable dermal fillers, your plastic surgeon will inject them into just underneath your cheekbones and top of your cheekbones to create the illusion that you have higher cheeks. 

Get Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles underneath the eyes are something that is typically hereditary. While you can't completely get rid of them (because even newborns have a few dark circles), you can definitely reduce their appearance with some dermal filler injections. By injecting some volume underneath the eyes, your plastic surgeon can help to fill in any areas where the skin is thin and there's no fat, which can help to reduce the appearance of bags underneath the eyes. 

Sexier Pout

One of the most popular things that fillers are used for is to add volume to the lips. Because the lips are one of the sexiest parts of the face, if you have naturally thin lips, then you may want to add a little bit more volume to them. If you don't want to look like you've had any work done on your lips, then your plastic surgeon may just recommend starting with a little bit of filler and then adding more to it a few days after the swelling has gone down. Depending on the type of filler that you use, your surgeon may be able to mold the filler in your lips so that it looks smooth and seamless. 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As people age, they start to lose collagen in their skin, which can cause things like fine lines and wrinkles to form. If you feel like your skin has lost a lot of elasticity around your cheeks and mouth, then dermal fillers can help to fill those fine lines in. During the injection process, your injector will use the filler to actually fill in those wrinkles to help smooth out your skin and make it look more youthful overall. 

To learn more about dermal fillers, reach out to a plastic surgeon near you today.